I’ve always been fascinated with love.

My whole being is love,my whole essence is love.


To me being vulnerable is a righteous thing.

I’m unlearning everything that was taught to me regarding on how to be a man.

The other side of vulnerability is bliss, you are placing all of your emotional chips in one basket, and your past failures or mishaps will not hold you in bondage.

We are taught as men to never let them see you as a vulnerable person, that whole notion is outdated to me.

My self awareness is opening new doors for me, my vulnerabilities are not hindering my growth, it’s feeding the future “me”.

Oh what a feeling!


I have my sage going this morning clearing out all of the negative energy that may have found it’s way into my house.

The tunes of the great urban poet Nas is filling up the atmosphere as well.

Oh what a great time to be alive!