Boo Hardy

Dreamer, Enthusiast, Legend Seeker, Spiritual Being.

Rest In Peace Big🙏🏾

e-sus, the Notorious just
Please us with your lyrical thesis
We just chillin’, milk ’em, top billin’
Silk and pure linen, me and Little Cease
Malibu sea breeze, Dom P’s, palm trees
Cats named Pablo in milked out Diablos (That’s right)
The Williest, bitches be the silliest
The more I smoke, the smaller the phillie gets
Room 112 where the players dwell
And stash more cash than Bert Padell, inhale
Make you feel good like Tony Toni Tone (Feels good)
Dig up in your middle like Monie (Yes)
Don’t know but your settin’ up to blow me (Yes)
Try to style, fly up north with a homie (Yes)
Escada, Don Dada, player, stay splurgin’
Game so tight they call it virgin (Yes)

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