Puppy fever

So we have a family group chat to keep up with each other and from time to time we will have a conversation that will spark memories. Today was one of those days. My cousin posted about their family puppy and I instantly got puppy fever, he is absolutely beautiful and he sparked one of my vivid memories about my introduction to dogs. Our grandfather was a huge dog lover and he had these large German Shepards all over the yard when we were little kids. I can remember our Grandfather teaching us how to behave around a dog and how not to be nervous around them because a dog a sense fear. At the age of 6 I took that knowledge and started raising and training dogs myself and today for a brief moment I could see 4 year old me riding a grown German Shepherd like a horse and that dog didn’t mind one bit, those were the good old days, thanks Cuz for starting that wonderful conversation today, my heart is so full of joy!

By Boo Hardy

Great things come from hard work and perseverance.

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