Black History Month

For Black History Month I would like to highlight Samantha Fletcher: Harvard Graduate School of Education 2021, Educator, Technologist, Podcaster, & DEI Strategist,
Director of Inclusivity & Innovation for Eduscape. Samantha also host a dynamic weekly podcast named Daily Crossings Podcast, diving into the diversity ethos with clear solutions instead of rhetoric. You can find it on many podcast platforms and on YouTube. For more info about Samantha check out her website:

Black History Month

Buy from black owned businesses.

Dine in at black owned restaurants.

Buy from a black author.

Buy from your friend’s business.

Get your nails & hair done at a black salon.

Get your hair cut at a black barbershop.

Tell a black child that they are destined for greatness.

Tell a black woman she is a queen, without her, we wouldn’t be here.

Tell a black man he is a king, and we are so proud of him.

Support the positive, ignore the negative.

Black History Month

I celebrate the drive, the focus, the determination and spirit that allowed the oppressed people of this country to survive against all odds. We’ve made nothing into something, I too will rise!