Childhood Home

Believe it or not this was once a beautiful white farmhouse located on a nice spot of land in Edgefield County, South Carolina.

This is the home I was raised in.

This is my Great-Grandparents home, they past away years ago, and boy does it look totally different.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well this one is worth 10X that 😥


I embrace being an introvert, I’m not loud but I am powerful.

Cleft Strong

I was born with a birth defect but I didn’t let it affect me negatively.

My Grandmother always told me that I had purpose, so I continued to build on that very thought.

Throughout my childhood I was bullied because I was very small but I hold no grudges towards anyone, it taught me how to get stronger mentally and physically.

Although I’m in my late 40s, I truly believe that I still have purpose like my Grandmother said.

So in closing I want to encourage you all to stay focused on the big picture and to never give up!