Prayer > Worrying

I’ve prayed about it and I’ve given my worry’s to God.

Relax Your Booty!! Feat Yoga Teacher Maggie❤️

God Frequency 🧘🏾‍♂️

Grateful Friday

This has been the most challenging year for a lot of us but we still keep the faith.We are warriors, equipped with our sword and shield, no weapon formed against us shall prosper 🙏🏾Together, we still rise, one day at a time. Thank You God!!!

8 truths that changed my life

A Day Of Reflection 10/20/21

I think I’ve done pretty good for myself!Born with a birth defect and being held to low expectations due to other folks limited expectations. Lord willing, in a couple of months, I will see my 50th birthday, I am truly blessed!!! #cleftlip #cleftpalate #birthdefects #miraclebaby #blessed #50thbirthday #sagittarius