Meeting At The Park

We talked on the phone for months but tomorrow is the day we finally meet face to face. Some say long distance relationships never last but I paid that no mind because I was intrigued by her sassy style. We agreed to meet at this small park by the cemetery, I know, odd pairing right? Who puts a park by a cemetery, but I digress. I got there early because that’s what my grandfather taught me, to always arrive early to appointments. Suddenly my anxiety began to creep in, will she like me…will I like her? What if this entire long distance relationship was a waste of time? Then suddenly I saw a girl walking towards me, Oh my God! #fictionalstory #moretocome

Bruce Lee

Although he died 2 years after I was born, Bruce Lee shaped my entire childhood. Enter The Dragon was my favorite movie, his style could never be duplicated. I don’t know why but today I woke up with Bruce Lee on my mind, if you don’t know of him, google him, he was my hero!

Dandelion Field

I don’t know why but when I first laid eyes on you I instantly pictured us running through a dandelion field.

We were running and laughing all of our troubles away, time didn’t exist.

Oh what a beautiful moment, it was love at first sight, if only you knew.

Thank You!

I want to thank you all personally for following my blog.

2018 was the rebirth of my creative mind, I truly love this process.

Like Michael Jackson use to say…you ain’t seen nothing yet #HappyNewYear