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I picked up some Irish Sea Moss from the good brother at The Culture Shoppe at 207 Edgefield Road in North Augusta,SC 29841. If you’re in the area, go by and check him out.👍🏾👍🏾

Focus on “BECOMING” the best version of yourself.

I’ve navigated through adversity my whole life, to say I’m built for this is an understatement #CleftStrong #FearNot #RiseUp

How are you guys doing? I’m taking it day by day, I’m not looking too far into the future like I’ve done before. My main objective is to win the day, that’s it. I will remain positive as always! I’m an essential worker and for the first time I think people really appreciate us, I …

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It truly feels like we are in a movie right now but we can’t panic, we must remain calm. From time to time I like to bring sports analogies into my conversations to drive my point home, so bare with me. In the mid 80s I played 8th grade basketball with one of South Carolina’s …

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Happy Monday Everyone! When will we realize how powerful we are? Our mind and heart controls it all. If you will simply set your mind on positive affirmations and goals, your life will change instantly. Your mind and your heart is the secret, ladies and gentlemen. Treat yourself with kindness, focus on loving yourself and …

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What am I anointed to do?