Topps Project 2020

Rickey Henderson
Oakland A’s

Zucchini in a bucket

Wanted to share a fairly new hobby of mine, growing vegetables in buckets. I tried it a few years ago with my granddaughters but when they moved away I stop gardening for awhile. While browsing through YouTube I stumbled upon LeadFarmer73 ‘s channel and I’ve been hooked ever since. Here’s a pic of my zucchini in a Lowe’s bucket, enjoy.


Deer tracks

For some time now I’ve been noticing deer tracks near our driveway. To me this is very exciting because all of my years living here, we’ve never seen any deer activity like this. It seems to be doe tracks, I may put up a hidden GoPro, only time will tell.

Deer tracks
Deer tracks


Take a look at Egypt Sherrod’s beautiful she-shed. The perfect getaway!

Egypt Sherrod’s She-Shed

GA Peach

I grew up on a farm and I truly love the outdoors, so I decided to step up my gardening skills. Check out this beautiful GA Peach Tree I just purchased! I plan on planting more fruit trees on my property and I may start a honey bee hive, who knows, only time will tell.