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Pics from The Hardy Homestead

I had a vision and a way was made! Our family homestead is receiving the love and positive energy it deserves! It was truly a spiritual journey walking through that sacred land over the weekend🙏🏾

Producing your own food vs Hunting

Let me start by saying that I am not against hunting, but I plan on producing my own food more than hunting. Homesteading works for me because I am a 100 percent homebody, my kids and grandkids get to share in the experience of the mystery of life, that’s a win win!

Deer tracks

For some time now I’ve been noticing deer tracks near our driveway. To me this is very exciting because all of my years living here, we’ve never seen any deer activity like this. It seems to be doe tracks, I may put up a hidden GoPro, only time will tell.

Deer tracks
Deer tracks