Remembering Kobe and GiGi Bryant

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the tragic death of Kobe and GiGi Bryant and seven others in a helicopter crash. Two years later and it still doesn’t seem real. To be honest, words can’t express the void I still feel about this loss, it’s so surreal. Those who are familiar with Kobe, knows he was a ferocious leader, and was unapologetic about it, here’s a excerpt from one of his blog posts on Leadership. “This is my way. It might not be right for YOU but all I can do is share my thoughts. It’s on YOU to figure out which leadership style suits you best”.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Middle Class Mindset

I’m 48 years old and I was talking to a loved one about mindsets and constructs.

The overall focus of the conversation was, the middle class mindset.

We’ve watched over parents get dogged out by companies or corporations who only care about their bottom lines.

The famous saying is, we have time.

No we don’t!

Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and those other 7 beautiful souls taught us all that valuable lesson.

We don’t know when our time is, what are we waiting for?

But, I can also flip it and say that Kobe lived his life to the fullest, his legacy is forever.

He lived his life with no regrets!

That’s the mindset I’m on, no regrets!

I’m living my life to the fullest, I’m not waiting on retirement to enjoy my life.