I’m so grateful for this moment,I’m so grateful for today…

I’m so grateful for you,thank you all.

My 2009 Mini Cooper R56

img_0454I’ve had my 09 Mini Cooper for about a month now and I must say I absolutely love it.

When I drove past the car lot,I knew that I had to have it,the car simply spoke to me.

If you know anything about Mini Cooper’s you know that they are super fun to drive,the common theme is,go-cart feel.

That theme is very accurate and when I test drove the mini,it took me back to when I was 9 and my dad bought me a go-cart for Christmas.

Instantly I was sold because it’s all about how something makes you feel,right?

I was pleasantly surprised how big the Mini Cooper club was and the parts and accessories for this vehicle is endless,can someone say,rabbit hole?

I have a lot of ideas in my head plus I will draw on inspiration from the endless Mini owners across the globe.

If you have a Mini Cooper,you are more than welcome to share it and your ideas on my blog,thanks everyone!

Hello Friday

Hello Friday,it’s been a long week but today is finally here!

This morning I’m reflecting on my self awareness and here are 3 things I focusing on.

1.Embracing silence

2.Showing gratitude

3.Have my mind open to everything and closed to nothing.