Parenting Tips

1.Always speak positive about the future,never use fear tactics.
2.Have dinners at the kitchen table,this is a lost art,trust me it will work wonders in your relationship.
3.Always promote education and entrepreneurship,these two subjects are the wave,keep an open mind and do your research on successful business minds across the globe.
4.Show interest in the music he or she likes,try to draw parallels to the icons of your era.
5.Explain the importance of your family name,tell them about the consequences of breaking the law and how peer pressure can lead them down the wrong path as well.
These are some of my parenting tips I’ve used over almost three decades,good luck.

When I

When I look into your eyes everything else disappears.
The chemistry between us equals to 100 years.
The trust and love we have between us means,no fear.
You bring out the best in me,I always need you next to me.
You are my destiny,my prayers were answered instantly,when I looked into your eyes…