Boo Hardy

A holistic approach

Focusing on my alignment 🙏🏾

I’ve navigated through adversity my whole life, to say I’m built for this is an understatement #CleftStrong #FearNot #RiseUp

African Queen, they tried to hide you but when they see, they can’t unsee your eternal beauty. Black Rose, standing tall, taller than the others, her smile will change the coldest heart. Her blossoms blooms every season, her essence glows in the darkness, all hail The African Queen, Black Rose.

1 on 1 time together is a must. Building a friendship together. Learn how to please your better half. Support them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Focus on sleep quality. Help each other grow spiritually. Be quick to apologize, don’t go to bed angry. Show them that you love them, even when you are having a …

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What am I anointed to do?

Remembering important people and events in the history of the African Diaspora. Happy Black History Month🙏🏾