Some of the best days…

Pink Moon 🌝

This full moon’s energy feel so powerful, it is much needed. Inhale calmness, exhale anxiety….Can you feel that?

On the frontline

I’m a essential worker and I’m on the frontlines. Each day the news get darker and darker but I really believe we will rise out of this pandemic. In 2008 my salary was cut almost in half, I had to build myself back up slowly but surely. It’s muscle memory to me, I know the grind, I know the pain, and I also know how it feel to come out of that pain. I’m not here to paint any b.s…I’m here to give you a little glimmer of hope, hell, I need it too, and together we all can lean on each other in these unpredictable times.

The Marathon Continues

Today (March 31,2020) marks the one year anniversary of the untimely death of Nipsey Hustle. Continue to Rest In Peace King! The Marathon Continues 🕊💜🙏🏾


Sending out healing vibes tonight as we lay down to get some sleep. Take this time to listen to some relaxing music while sipping on a glass of wine🙏🏾 #Love

An awakening

It truly feels like we are in a movie right now but we can’t panic, we must remain calm. From time to time I like to bring sports analogies into my conversations to drive my point home, so bare with me. In the mid 80s I played 8th grade basketball with one of South Carolina’s greatest basketball player’s, Gerald Daise(google him), he was a phenomenal human being as well. To start, football season always started first, so we all decided to tryout for the team, but we soon found out that we didn’t have enough players to put on the field so our football season was forfeited. We took that extra time to build chemistry amongst us players and when the basketball season started we was like the Showtime Lakers. We had a great season, ended our playoff drought but we got knocked out in the 2nd round but I still considered that season a success. We took a failed football season and turned it into great basketball season. We didn’t let fear stop us, we kept pushing forward. Our goal was to make the playoffs and we did! The COVID 19 Pandemic is our opponent right now, we can’t let fear overwhelm us, we must keep our head in the game. We must stay calm during this storm and we must keep the faith, failure is not an option, this is our season for victory, this is our true awakening!


Happy Wednesday! Funny thing is, it was a foggy ride home this morning. Today I’m meditating on the word clarity. My favorite saying is, “If you test me I will fail every time.” This means, I’m not a mind reader. Be clear while communicating today, no one can read your mind. Clear communication saves time and energy and it saves headaches by both parties involved. Be truthful, be direct, less fog equals more productivity, more productivity means success, have a great day everyone.