DC5BF1A6-6B47-4788-850F-4D142A603991Life is changing so fast.It seemed like yesterday when we were walking on the beach.You use to look up at me,now we’re eye to eye,man to man.

I taught you all of the chess moves in life,I taught you that it’s all about intention not attention.

In a couple of weeks you will move away for college and believe it or not,my anxiety levels aren’t high,that tells me that you are ready,Son.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds,one thing I know for certain,it is going to be a bright one.


My Uncle Raymond taught me how to ride a bike,you need balance to conquer that feat.
I transferred the word balance to my life,I use it as a mantra,you can’t be too high and you can’t be too low on yourself.
I am ego-less,I have empathy,but I don’t care what people think of me.
I demand respect by the way I carry myself,but I don’t force it.
My Uncle Raymond taught me how to walk with my head up high,I transferred that to my kids.
My kids will transfer that positive energy to their kids and so on and so on.
So,the question is,how do you find balance?
Are you self aware?