I Truly Believe

I truly believe I’m most connected to God when I am in prayer and when I’m creating. When I feel that sense of stillness and calm, is when I feel God all around me.

Surround yourself

Surround yourself with people who eyes light up when they see you. Surround yourself with a crew of loving and empathetic people. It takes a village of positivity to climb that mountain, leave the negativity low in the valley.

Black History Month

For Black History Month I would like to highlight Samantha Fletcher: Harvard Graduate School of Education 2021, Educator, Technologist, Podcaster, & DEI Strategist,
Director of Inclusivity & Innovation for Eduscape. Samantha also host a dynamic weekly podcast named Daily Crossings Podcast, diving into the diversity ethos with clear solutions instead of rhetoric. You can find it on many podcast platforms and on YouTube. For more info about Samantha check out her website: samanthafletcher.com

Are you afraid?

Are you afraid to be in your own thoughts? Do you allow little seeds of self doubt seep into your consciousness? We’ve all been there, but what this pandemic has taught me is to trust your gut, don’t let anyone, and I mean anyone talk down to you. Practice positive self talk every chance you get, it’s very beneficial to a healthy mindset, embrace the power of positivity. Love ❤️