Stan Lee

Ever upward Mr Stan Lee, May you rest in eternal peace. Thank you for creating the Marvel Universe, thank you for creating 2 of my top 3 superheroes, Hulk and Spider-Man. There will be no other like you Sir, Job Well Done🙏🏾


I know it’s rough out there but you can never give up.

It’s a tug of war, vision vs pain.

Pain is a huge adversary but the vision is the Incredible Hulk!

Smash all doubt,crush all of the negativity, and only focus on the victories.

Use that “victory” emotion to fuel your dreams, visualize those victories as if they have already been won!


To me being vulnerable is a righteous thing.

I’m unlearning everything that was taught to me regarding on how to be a man.

The other side of vulnerability is bliss, you are placing all of your emotional chips in one basket, and your past failures or mishaps will not hold you in bondage.

We are taught as men to never let them see you as a vulnerable person, that whole notion is outdated to me.

My self awareness is opening new doors for me, my vulnerabilities are not hindering my growth, it’s feeding the future “me”.

Oh what a feeling!


Do you have that magic?

When you touch someone does it feel spiritual to them?

Being mindful of your abilities is one of the keys.

Being without ego is also one of the qualities,no need to be boastful.

Oh what a beautiful time to be alive,I’m celebrating my magic, Sagittarius style.