Art of Homage Manifesto Hoodie

My new Art of Homage Manifesto Hoodie is here and I couldn’t be more proud of this special piece.

It reads…

We were created to worship. It’s not just something we do. It’s who we are. Worship will take you places complaining won’t. Worship is a lifestyle.

Jesus is our greatest treasure 🙏🏾

Art of Homage

I had to cop this Art of Home manifesto hoodie in primo black for my upcoming B-Day on Dec 3rd and I get to support the good brother Channel Dixon at the same time, win/win!

Check out this entrepreneur that is creating great clothing with a message!


Can you honestly identify what you’re struggling with?

I can, I’m struggling with letting past failures go.

I’ve learned recently that failures are lessons, we ourselves make them to be bigger than what they are.

We must identify the so called failures and build on them so we can grow.

Failures are lessons not losses, note to self.