Aiken @ Strom Thurmond

Here’s a little Friday night football action from my High School in Johnston, South Carolina.

Aiken High @ Strom Thurmond High.

Aiken 0

ST 45 Final

Kyler Murray

This week The NFL Network very own Charley Casserly reported that he was told by someone at the NFL Combine the following about 2018 Heisman trophy winner Kyler Murray:

Leadership, not good.

Study habits, not good.

Board work, below not good.

What am I missing here?

Where was all of this negative talk about Murray this season?

Oh, since his draft stock is rising, now he’s not a good leader?

Casserly boastfully uttered that this was the worst comments he ever got on a high rated QB.

Are you kidding me?

Wake up people, this is a smear campaign to disrupt this young man’s lively hood and Casserly must be held accountable.

These divisive comments have been said about black quarterbacks throughout history.

Murray has been professional throughout this entire process but it is a damn shame in 2019 he has to go through this.

I’m rooting for Murray to get drafted #1 and I hope this negative press motivates him to be great on and off the field.

Mount Vintage Golf Club

North Augusta, South Carolina’s best kept secret.

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No Black Owners in the NFL

First off let me say that I love the NFL but here is what I noticed.

There are 32 NFL teams.

70% of the league is Black.

2 Black head coaches.

1 Black general manager.

0 Black owners.

From a organizational this doesn’t make sense.

Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons

This year I want to incorporate a few hot-takes, trade scenarios, and fantasy sports aspects to my blog.

To kick it off how about a NBA blockbuster trade scenario.

The trade would send Anthony Davis from The New Orleans Pelicans to The Philadelphia 76ers for Ben Simmons.

From a Philadelphia standpoint this makes total sense, who would stand a chance against Davis and Embiid for the next 10 seasons?

Incorporate a serviceable point guard into the mix and boom, top seed in the Eastern Conference for the next decade.

You would have an incredible big 3 with Butler, Davis, and Embiid, this would be box office!

With The Pelicans and Simmons you would build around him with a fast pace offense which would include the likes of Jrue Holiday, Elfrid Payton, and Julius Randle.

Not a bad lineup if I say so myself, it makes total sense to me, what say you?