Relax Your Booty!! Feat Yoga Teacher Maggie❤️

Pics from The Hardy Homestead

I had a vision and a way was made! Our family homestead is receiving the love and positive energy it deserves! It was truly a spiritual journey walking through that sacred land over the weekend🙏🏾

Unlearn beliefs

As a kid I was told 50 was old, I was told when you get older your mind and body begin to break down. Well, that’s a lie, I am stronger than before and I am more handsome than ever, ha!…take that false belief inventor, I am a better version of myself, your belief system… Continue reading Unlearn beliefs

Think Big Sunday With Marsha

For those who have been following my blog you know I am a softie for picture quotes with positive messages. I’m always looking for new ways to express myself so I started an account on Twitter in 2011 and soon after I started my blog on this platform around 2015. My goal was to build… Continue reading Think Big Sunday With Marsha


Focusing on my alignment 🙏🏾

Steps to deeper love

1 on 1 time together is a must. Building a friendship together. Learn how to please your better half. Support them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Focus on sleep quality. Help each other grow spiritually. Be quick to apologize, don’t go to bed angry. Show them that you love them, even when you are having a… Continue reading Steps to deeper love

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone, I hope this message finds you in good health and in good spirits. I really feel a shift happening amongst us, a good shift, a positive shift. We are celebrating life, we are taking much needed vacations and like I’ve said before, we are breaking generational curses. It’s okay to be in… Continue reading Happy Thursday