How to grow a lemon tree from seed.

Find healthy lemons from your favorite grocery store or fruit stand.
Slice the lemons up.
Remove seeds from the lemons.
Remove the protective covering from the seeds with your fingernails.
Place seeds on a dampened paper towel.
Fold up the paper towel and dampen on both sides.
Place the combination of the lemon seeds/paper towel in a plastic bag. Label the bag with the date and of its contents. Place in dark undisturbed location(drawer or cabinet)for 10 days, then check for sprouts.

I’m becoming a plant dad 🪴

The wiser I become, the more I want to try my hand at gardening. I’m finding out that gardening is a very zen-like hobby, and if you know me, you know that I welcome those vibes!

Sansevieria Plant

Hydrangea 🪴

Mathilda Gutges Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Mathilda Gutges’

Part Sun/ 3-6 Hours Morning Sun

Bloom Season: Summer

Mini garden

I wanna see your pics!!! It’s almost garden time!!!!!

Here is a pic of my zucchini in a bucket. For some odd reason they didn’t bloom but that’s okay, I’m ready to tackle this hobby again this year! What are you guys growing in your back yard?


Pear tree

This past Saturday I added another tree to my growing backyard orchid…lol Say hello to my new pear tree! I’m getting flashbacks because my Great Grandma had a pear tree in her yard and she had us kids pick some so she could make her delicious pear preserves!! Oh the memories!

Pear tree