Law of Attraction

Like attracts like. Thoughts and emotions about wonderful things you desire attract those things into your life. Thoughts about the things you dread and hate attract those things into your life.

Story time with Boo (Tarzan)

Boo was a energetic kid who defied all odds, but his birth defect didn’t slow him down. From time to time Boo had to stay over to his great grandparents house because his parents worked long shifts. Naturally Boo’s great-grandmother was over protective but Boo wasn’t having it. During the 70s Tarzan was a big… Continue reading Story time with Boo (Tarzan)

In sync

I am fascinated with being in sync. More often I find myself going with the wave instead of against it. I feel like I’m in the right place, the path in which I walk is clear and golden, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, I acknowledge it all, thank you God🙏🏾

Steps to deeper love

1 on 1 time together is a must. Building a friendship together. Learn how to please your better half. Support them emotionally, mentally, and physically. Focus on sleep quality. Help each other grow spiritually. Be quick to apologize, don’t go to bed angry. Show them that you love them, even when you are having a… Continue reading Steps to deeper love


Just think about it… The egg has to be fertilized, then the baby grows in the mother’s womb for 40 weeks. Then, the baby is born, God blows breath into its lungs, the baby is quickly laid onto the mother’s chest. At that moment their hearts synchronized, the baby is breathing on its own, the… Continue reading Alignment

Middle Class Mindset

I’m 48 years old and I was talking to a loved one about mindsets and constructs. The overall focus of the conversation was, the middle class mindset. We’ve watched over parents get dogged out by companies or corporations who only care about their bottom lines. The famous saying is, we have time. No we don’t!… Continue reading Middle Class Mindset

Happy Monday

Happy Monday Everyone! When will we realize how powerful we are? Our mind and heart controls it all. If you will simply set your mind on positive affirmations and goals, your life will change instantly. Your mind and your heart is the secret, ladies and gentlemen. Treat yourself with kindness, focus on loving yourself and… Continue reading Happy Monday

The cards of life

The cards we were dealt are the cards we play.