What Drives You?

What drives you? Some of us are driven by validation, some of us are driven by love and some by fear. For me in a lot of examples it’s the latter, fear of what people might say, fear of the piercing laughter, fear of letting someone you love down. It took me many years to figure out that a positive mindset should be my only vehicle, a positive mind equals positive results. Fear is a part of our imagination, my goal is to step back and analyze the situation and tackle it head on instead of being paralyzed with fear. My goal is to minimize all of the programs and constructs I was fed my entire life and just Be the best human I can be without fear. I hope this post help someone, leave a comment bellow.

What drives you?


Positive mindset, positive results!

Thanks for going on this journey with me, forever grateful 🙏🏾

Meeting At The Park

We talked on the phone for months but tomorrow is the day we finally meet face to face. Some say long distance relationships never last but I paid that no mind because I was intrigued by her sassy style. We agreed to meet at this small park by the cemetery, I know, odd pairing right? Who puts a park by a cemetery, but I digress. I got there early because that’s what my grandfather taught me, to always arrive early to appointments. Suddenly my anxiety began to creep in, will she like me…will I like her? What if this entire long distance relationship was a waste of time? Then suddenly I saw a girl walking towards me, Oh my God! #fictionalstory #moretocome

I Am

It just pains my heart to know that a number of folks are suffering in silence. Trust me, I know it’s hard in this crazy world but I also know that each and everyone of us have a purpose in life. We can’t allow life to get the best of us, we have to get the best out of life!❤️‍🩹