Each Morning

I wake up each morning thanking the good Lord above for another beautiful day. It’s a must that I celebrate each day like it’s my last. Tomorrow is not promised to no one, be kind, be gentle and most definitely, be yourself.


Transform into Love

I know that I’ve been chosen to shift the consciousness, energy, and patterns throughout this universe. I pour a lot into this blog because it is my baby and it allows me to get out all of my feelings because it is not healthy to keep all of those emotions trapped inside. God has given me the green light to break through barriers and to transform all of my mistakes, and traumas, into love.

Sunday Prayer 12/26

Dear God, thank you for another day. Thank you for our families, thank you for the subtle blessings. Today Lord I pray that everyone of you will receive 2 things for and during the New Year(2022) , abundance and endurance…Abundance for the things we absolutely need and Endurance to power through all of the obstacles that may come our way. We thank you in advance Lord, In Jesus name we pray…Amen 🙏🏾

Coachella vs Motown 25

Last night on Twitter Spaces Jay Z said Beyoncé’s Coachella moment was bigger than Michael Jackson’s Motown 25…
Jay Z “Michael Jackson ain’t ever did Coachella”. I totally understand, Jay is showing love to his phenomenal wife but that Motown 25 moment shook the universe. We are talking almost 39 years and just thinking about it give me chills!

Motown 25